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Art by Shaunie B


Ashley Berry/Shaunie B

Artist- Health Promoter- Educator


Hi, my name is Ashley, I go by the name Shaunie. Long time positive light and rolling stone, I am an artist residing in Denver, Colorado. My mission within my art is to spread the joy of how I see the world through my eyes: ethereal realities consisting of colorful energetic figures, the aliveness of nature; bright, saturated dream-like realities that invoke you to see the beauty in small things. I believe life should be a celebration of spirit and the divine, and many of my pieces reflect these sentiments. My art depicts gratitude and contemplation within this chaotic world, hopefully adding some stillness and appreciation to our narratives. If you look at my work and feel happy, excited, calm or your heart feels content- I have fulfilled my destiny in this world.


Art is self care, art is healing, art is a form of protest.



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