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Art by Shaunie B


Ashley Berry/Shaunie B

Artist- Health Promoter- Educator


Denver based multimedia artist Shaunie Berry is a portrait artist who focuses on capturing the essence of unique individuals and themes within the mundane. Inspired by people and vibes, she uses art as a form of advocacy and representation. Well versed in mediums of pen and ink, oil pastel and paint to express herself; her bright, energetic work evokes both a sense of calm and pride. Originally from Kansas City, MO, she is the descendant of black country folk who’s elders passed down a love of growing food, nature, gardening, and remembering one's “roots”. Common themes within her work focus on personal experiences,  celebration of backness, growth, spirituality and pride. 

She is passionate about community, play, teaching and indulging in life's many experiences. With a BFA in drawing and ceramics and a Masters in Public Health, Shaunie is always finding ways to integrate health promotion within the act of creating. Educator and community advocate, she has found her niche not only as a teacher, but within a career as the Art Education Manager at RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver, CO and runs various education programs there. She has shown her work throughout the Denver area and beyond and enjoys expanding her horizons and learning more about diverse communities and the world. 


-Shaunie Berry



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